Student Loan Forgiveness for Social Workers

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The National Association of Social Workers is working to promote the students loan forgiveness for the social workers as a part of their ongoing campaign. The NASW is also supporting the proposals for providing other educational supports for social workers in various areas of practice. The NASW is also voicing support for improving the working conditions, a hike in the salary for all social workers to ensure that the consumers are catered by good and qualified professionals.

Eligibility for the student loan forgiveness for the social workers

If you are a social worker who if burdened by the regular installments of the students loan that you have borrowed to finance your education, you might be eligible for a loan forgiveness. However, the NASW does not have the authority to determine the eligibility for the loan forgiveness, you need to contact the U. S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid Information Center to find out more about the student loan forgiveness for the social workers. You can collects important information if you look at the recently passed bills like the Higher Education Act and the College Cost Reduction Act 2007.

Other programs that help social workers repay their student loan?

The National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program is one such program that help social workers get relief from the burden of student loan repayment if he or she has the experience of serving in an area, approved by the community that has shortage of health professionals. The fully trained and experience social workers will be provided with an amount of $50,000 to repay their education loan.

The student loan is really pressing me hard

If you feel that your student loan is bogging you deep under, then it is the time to talk to your lender to save yourself from an additional burden of late fees and fine. Too much late fees and fines without any prior notice may also lead you to loose your eligibility to get a loan forgiveness from the lender. So talking to your lender will help you get forbearance, help you qualify for deferment or any other kind of payment relief program. So whenever you think that you cannot pay your regular installments of your student loans, talk to you lender immediately.

If you are a social worker and want to be eligible for the student loan forgiveness for the social worker program, you must be a fulltime social worker serving in an area of national need. The social workers working for

  • Child welfare
  • Early child education
  • Foreign language educators
  • Dentists
  • Qualified teachers teaching the poorer or underrepresented communities of the people not proficient in English
  • Nutritionists, public sector workers, school counselors and other educational administrators
  • Mathematicians, engineers, employees of applied sciences, audiologists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists are all eligible for student’s loan forgiveness.


The student loan forgiveness for social workers is really a blessing in disguise for those society workers who are having loads of difficulties in repaying their education loan. You just need to serve the nation for two years and you loan will be forgiven at least a larger amount of it will be..